Icon Health Direct is a program that allows health providers the opportunity to obtain all the benefits of dispensing Icon health products in their practice without having to carry or stock inventory.

Here is how it works:
Most conventional companies force providers buy their products to sell in their office. The problem with this system is that the provider has to invest a large amount of money in the products not knowing if it will sell in their practice.
Further, you have to follow up with the patients on a regular basis to get repeat business. This is time consuming and inefficient. With our model the provider will not have to worry about that.
In the Icon Health Direct Model, the provider simply has to recommend the product to the patient by completing a very brief recommendation form. If the patient agrees to place an order, the provider receives a commission. If the provider chooses, he / she can pass on the commission to the patient in the form of a discount. The program are as follows:

Program A: Provider receives the full 20% commission on each product processed.

Program B: The full 20% commission may be applied to the patient’s purchase as a discount per each order.

  • The Healthcare Provider can only sign up for one program at a time. This can be changed yearly.
  • The provider can recommend Icon Health products to his / her patients by filling out a simple recommendation form and faxing it to us.
  • Our staff then calls the patient and processes the order according to the program the provider has chosen.
  • Each time the patient places a re-order, the provider obtains a commission.
    Commissions will be paid to the provider on the 15th of the following month via check along with a sales report.
  • It is easy to sign up! Just fill out the Icon Health Direct registration form and sign the agreement.
  • If you are not interested in participating in the Icon Health Direct Program, you can still sell our products by ordering and stocking items the conventional way.
  • There is no conflict of interest to recommend products from Icon Health Science, LLC and to receive a commission.
  • Icon Health Science is a distribution company not a pharmaceutical company and the products we sell are over-the-counter.
  • Any payment made to providers will only be reported when filing taxes and will not be placed online or reported to any institutions.