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My podiatrist recommended this for the nerve damage in my feet. I'm a backpacker and started having toe numbness from all the walking and carrying the extra weight of the backpack and gear. I started taking this and within a few weeks noticed the numbness disappearing. Now that the numbness is gone, I only take it during backpacking to avoid the issue altogether. The numbness is caused from nerve compression and the ingredients in this capsule help with nerve binding. I was skeptical at first when it was recommended, especially considering the price, but have been very pleased with the results.

Red Hiker

I started using Nutragesic about a week ago. It seems to really help my neuropathy. I will definitely reorder.


My foot and ankle dr recommended I take a few specific supplements for nerve pain and Nutragesic had all of them, so I chose this instead of one of the more expensive ones with a lot more in it. I didn't notice right away, but after taking it for a while, I noticed that I wasn't having my regular nerve pain anymore, and my joints were feeling better too. If I don't take it for a few days, my pain starts to return. I can tell it really does help.

Rae Blaisdell

I just started taking these last week and really think they have helped me. I wasn't sure at first since I didn't see any reviews, but thought I'd give them a try. Haven't had any side-effects and have found they really lessen the intensity of the intensity of my symptoms. Would recommend!


After having searched and tried, and tried, and tried this product is the absolute best one for me. Yes, yes, it does provide: "Triple Therapy Relief From" aches and pains. My issue was excruciating low back muscle pain, and muscle pain around my right knee. I could not stand up without feeling terrific pain in those two places. At first when I rolled it onto my low back, it felt really "hot". I thought, "Oh no, here I go again with my sensitive skin!" I wiped it off but then noticed the pain had subsided very much. Later on when I rolled on Reliaderm the second time, there was no pain! I was so thrilled! Now I use Reliaderm periodically for super fast relief. Plus, I think that the roll on feature is easier to manage than a pain patch on the low back. This product is truly a godsend. 


Works great for me.


I am well pleased with this cream in a roller ball. It doesn't get on my hands, which is a deal breaker when capsaicin is involved. I had been using doTERRA blue that was given to me and really liked it, but I'm not paying that much. This product is a great alternative and works just as well if not better. Very little is required and too much can be distracting. It doesn't heal or fix anything but it blocks the way your brain deals with pain, if that makes sense. Important tip: wash it off with cold water and soap before getting into a warm or hot shower, even if you think the cream has worn off and you can't feel it anymore. The shower will reactivate the capsaicin like crazy and you will be on fire and hating your life.


This has been heaven sent. Due to menopause and a severe yeast infection I was left with issues for intercourse. Vestibular pain. Its not painful intercourse but pain on the vaginal entry-similar to an episiotomy; like sharp needle stick. This numbed that area and for the first time in 4 years I was able to enjoy intercourse with my husband without flinching or hurting. Highly recommend for anyone with Vestibular pain.

Brenda Henshall

Literally nothing else worked when I developed vestibulodynia in response to a hormone-induced chronic yeast infection that persisted for months and months. After doing some reading about the condition, it was extremely painful to learn that many cases of yeast-induced vulvar sensitivity and vestibulodynia are often permanent. Topical estrogen helped, but not enough. I always try to temper my expectations with products like this, but this one is astonishingly good. You only need a very little bit and to let it sink in for a few minutes and then - no more burning! No more incredibly painful penetration. It's an amazing lube in addition to numbing agent and it absolutely does not numb anything too much - pleasure is absolutely still achievable and much more enjoyable since the pain is reduced. Highly recommend to other dealing with similar issues.

Seana Miller

Just as the reviews helped me in wanting to purchase this product I’m hoping I can help someone else as well. I‘ve been suffering from vulvodynia for 5 years. Sex is unbelievably painful. I have been desperate for anything that would work and I’m grateful that I found this product. It does sting a little when you first put It on but it’s totally bearable! It goes away in a few seconds. Let It sit for 30 minutes then you should be good to go! I can finally enjoy sex again! 4 stars because unfortunately It doesn’t last hours like it says. To be honest, I’m not sure how many pumps of this i’m supposed to be using. The first time we did 4 pumps and sex didn’t last long before I started feeling pain. The second time we used 8 pumps and sex lasted longer but eventually started hurting again. Not sure if it’s not lasting as long as It should because of the amount of pumps?

Casey Lombardi