Can I use Reliaderm® Triple Therapy Relief if I am pregnant?

Reliaderm® Topical Pain Relief Roll-On is a safe and effective topical analgesic.  There are no precautions against using it while you are pregnant.  However, it is not know if metabolites of this product are found in breast milk.  If you have any concerns about this, please consult your doctor.

Can I use Reliaderm® Triple Therapy Roll-On Cream with heating pads?

No.  Topical analgesics like Reliaderm® affect pain and skin temperature perception, and should not be used with a heating pad.  According to the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, heating pads should never be used by individuals whose skin are not sensitive to temperature changes because of the risk of burns.

How can I get Reliaderm® Triple Therapy Relief?

You can order your bottle of Reliaderm® Pain Relief Roll-On Cream via this website.  Just click the Add To Cart button and go through the checkout process.  You may also call us at 1-800-243-8370.  When prompted, please leave your name and phone number, and a medical representative will get back to you within the hour.